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Numbers Protocol


Numbers Protocol is an open-source ecosystem for digital media, the Git of Web3 for cross-chain asset tracking and management. The vision of Numbers Protocol is to build a library of digital media files to provide transparent and verifiable media relations.
It is the first asset-centric protocol and supports the entire lifecycle of modern digital content. With so much manipulation, theft and censorship, Numbers Protocol makes the goal of bringing trust back to digital media a top priority. With Numbers Protocol, cross-chain information of digital media assets can be viewed or managed via API (off-chain) or Oracles (on-chain)
Numbers aims to provide the total solution for the digital media industry that addresses the 4 pillars of the digital media problems: ownership, copyright, provenance, and ecosystem. The comprehensive solution for the digital media industry will include a Numbers Blockchain, Asset Smart Contracts to mint NFTs or distributes royalties, tools such as API, Oracles and Asset Explorer to help users seamlessly adopt the Web 3.0 technology. We have also built the World's First Blockchain Camera App, Capture, to help everyday users and creators easily create native Web 3.0 photos and videos.
This video provides a high-level overview of Numbers Protocol and how it works.
Overview of Numbers Protocol

Problems We Solve

Digital media on the web today are scrutinized heavily due to out-of-context use, deep fake technology and digital asset theft. They sit idly on the sidelines while parties with varying interests internet debate in vain its validity and trustworthiness. Numbers Protocol shakes up the landscape of digital media on the web. No longer needing to rely on external factors, Numbers registered digital media are able to represent their own records and values independent of external factors.
The following articles share the problems that we believe Numbers Protocol may help:

Solution We Provide

Numbers Protocol changes digital assets from untraceable and unverifiable entities into standalone entities capable of “speaking” for themselves through accessible and transparent records. Numbers Protocol achieves this by creating a unique identity of the digital media files and storing key information of digital media such as on-creation metadata (location, timestamp, other data regarding creation circumstances), creator information, asset changelogs and licenses onto the blockchain.
If you are looking for more details, here are blog posts explaining how we build Numbers Protocol:
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