Numbers Protocol


Provenance is key to the success of monetization of digital media because it helps to establish trust and credibility in the online space, without which it can be difficult to determine the reliability of the information or the value of digital assets. In a decentralized, user-owned and controlled internet, individuals and organizations need to be able to verify the authenticity of the information and assets they encounter.
Numbers Protocol secures digital media provenance through a decentralized ecosystem and blockchain technology, akin to a version control system like Git. Numbers tracks changes made to digital assets, allowing for collaboration and management. The Numbers Mainnet functions as a decentralized Github, storing data related to assets, such as provenance, ownership, and historical records, securely and transparently.
We developed the world's first blockchain camera app, developer API, and management dashboard for users to create and manage digital assets. We also offer services to detect unauthorized asset usage and verify AI dataset authenticity. Our long-term vision is to establish a transparent, fair, and authentic digital media ecosystem that promotes accountability and ensures the safe and secure use of data and AI.
This video provides a high-level overview of Numbers Protocol and how it works.
Overview of Numbers Protocol
The following articles share the problems that we believe Numbers Protocol may help:
If you are looking for more details, here are blog posts explaining how we build Numbers Protocol:
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