22 Mar 2024

2024/03/22 Weekly Summary from Numbers Team

Hello Numbers Community,

We hope you're all doing well! Here's your weekly update with our team's latest developments and exciting news.


  • The Mainnet NUM explorer received an infrastructure upgrade this week for a faster and more stable status updates

  • Secure your NUM easily with cold wallets! Aside from Ledger, Mainnet NUM now is also available in Trezor via Metamask.

Marketing & Community

  • Our Google sponsored project, the Sunflower Movement 10th Anniversary Archive page is now live! It is one of the most resonant civil actions in Taiwan over the last-half century. We hope this archive can help spread awareness of those critical moments and offer a unique perspective for the viewers.

  • How can we ensure trust and authenticity in the metaverse? Check out our interview video with the CEO of Superworld! Discover the amazing impact Numbers could have in the metaverse!

Business Development

  • We're not attending SXSW this year, BUT our partner has started an initiative to introduce Numbers and have gathered over 80 AI companies interested in our services. More leads for potential AI collaboration in the future!

  • We have been admitted to join the IP² Scale Out Program in New York City! This event will provide us with numerous networking opportunities and help us expand the reach of our operations!

  • We're setting the stage for future collaboration with 221A, a non-profit Canadian organization supporting creators. This aligns with our mission to empower creators through advanced technology.


  • Another new staking pool this week! Both traditional & quadratic staking pools for Mainnet NUM are now open!

  • Our 8th Community Review has been concluded this week. Thanks to the community participation, we received numerous valuable insights and viewpoints. Here's the recap of this community review!

As always, we appreciate your continued support. While the team enjoys a well-deserved break over the weekend, our dedicated moderators will be available to assist you. We'll return recharged and ready to take on new challenges next week. Thank you for being an integral part of the Numbers Community!

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