What is Numbers Protocol's role in the AI space?

Numbers Protocol has been focusing on merging blockchain robustness with AI adaptability, an important use-case not only in enhancing digital media management but also in the ethics of content creation and data mining. One of our key initiatives includes our partnership with AI platforms and entities like Instill AI. This collaboration is significant in enhancing our services, notably in the areas of digital media provenance and ethical AI development.

So how does it works?

With the help of ERC-7053 and ERC-7517, both an initiative started by the founders of Numbers Protocol.

ERC-7053 plays a critical role by providing an efficient method for indexing digital media on blockchain platforms. This interoperable digital media indexing facilitates the organization, retrieval, and traceability of digital media information, which is essential in the context of AI-driven data analysis and content creation.

ERC-7517 focuses on content consent for AI/ML data mining. This standard allows content creators to declare their preferences on how their digital assets are used in AI/ML contexts. By incorporating this, Numbers Protocol ensures that creators' rights are respected in the age of generative AI, aligning with ethical guidelines for digital content use.

The integration of ERC-7053 and ERC-7517 in AI platforms collaborating with Numbers Protocol ensures that as the capabilities of AI continue to grow, there is a strong foundation for managing, indexing, and ethically using digital content. Numbers Protocol's endeavors in this space not only contribute to the advancement of blockchain and AI technologies but also bring the trust of digital media back to creators and consumers. So, the next time you see a digital media deployed on platforms partnering with Numbers Protocol, you won't have to ask, "Is this image/video real or not?", "Is this AI-generated content?", or "Can I trust the source of this image?". All of it will be transparent!

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