14 July 2023

2023/7/14 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • Firstly, we have submitted the EIP-7053 for the digital media indexing standard, envisioning a future internet where the asset base adheres to a unified digital media standard. This development lays the foundation for a more cohesive and standardized digital ecosystem.

  • Secondly, we have updated our GitBook to provide clear explanations of the pre-existing and badge mechanisms. These updates empower our partners to understand the rules governing duplicate assets.

Business Development:

This week has been filled with fruitful business development activities for Numbers.

  • We have engaged in promising discussions with various potential partners, including renowned Metaverse platforms and collectibles marketplaces, with a focus on exploring collaborations leveraging our innovative Capture Cam technology.

  • We had a productive session with our investor, Outlier Ventures, discussing a BD proposal targeting fashion designers and publishers, aiming to provide them with cutting-edge solutions.

  • Another significant achievement was the planning of an upcoming online webinar, Fair Talk, in collaboration with our partner Fairpicture. This webinar aims to address challenges in the monetization and provenance of digital media, showcasing the capabilities of our Capture service powered by Numbers blockchain/protocol to the photographer community.

  • We are delighted to announce our signed deal with iTix2Go, a prominent second-hand event ticket sales platform in Asia, solidifying our presence in the ticketing industry.

Marketing & Community:

  • This week, Numbers' marketing team effectively communicated our Q2 achievements and Q3 roadmap, focusing on significant expansion initiatives and service optimizations. We have fortified our market standing as pioneers in Digital Media Provenance with Noir Ventures' strategic investment, emphasizing our growth and industry leadership in the AI era. Celebrating our top-performing ambassadors for June further demonstrates our thriving community engagement. These milestones reflect our growing market influence, commitment to superior services, and the tangible value of our efforts in leading the Digital Media Provenance industry.


  • The new NUM-BUSD LP farm, which serves as an important component for enhancing liquidity on the DEX, is launched this week. Joining the NUM-BUSD LP farm allows you to actively support the ecosystem's liquidity and engage in a vibrant marketplace.

  • We will continue to explore additional opportunities to further enhance DEX liquidity and encourage community participation. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress in this endeavor.

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