24 Feb 2023

2023/2/24 Weekly Summary Letter from Tammy

Dear NUMBERS community,

I hope you're all having a great week! As always, I want to share the product progress this month and updates from the Numbers Protocol team. Let's recap what has been developed in Feburary:

  1. After two-month of hard work, our Mainnet migration in the Capture App is now complete. All Capture photos taken by the Capture App have registrations on the Numbers blockchain. This is a significant milestone for the Numbers Protocol, as it keeps our leading position as the first blockchain camera to take photos with on-chain provenance. You can find more details about this on our Medium blog at https://link.medium.com/ZguuoK9Vsxb.

  2. The next DAO meeting is coming up, and we have an important topic to discuss that affects all of us: the update of the burning mechanism of the NUM token. We encourage everyone in the community to share your thoughts and comments on this topic at https://github.com/numbersprotocol/community-support/issues/243. Your feedback is crucial to us!

  3. Earlier this month, we introduced the Capture badge and licensing, which demonstrates our continued leading position in the area of the provenance of digital media. Do you like the new badge? If you haven't yet seen the Capture badge, you can check it out at https://link.numbersprotocol.io/CaptureBadge.

  4. This month, we have also opened two more pools, including the NUM-BUSD LP farming and ERC20 single staking. All pool information can be found on the NUM website: https://num.numbersprotocol.io/

As SXSW is approaching, there will be more exciting news coming soon, and I can't wait to share more details with you. Stay tuned! As always, we appreciate your support and feedback, and we look forward to continuing to build a better Numbers Protocol with you.

Last but not least, for those who are reading this article, can you share with me in our main Telegram chat what's the new feature of Numbers Search Engine and Capture App that you are most excited about? I have a special gift for those who share your insights with me by 1st Mar.

Love you all, Tammy Yang Founder of Numbers Protocol

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