23 Feb 2024

2024/02/23 Monthly Founder's Letter by Tammy


Time flies, we are now at the end of the 2nd month of 2024. I saw some members sharing in the community channel that they enjoyed the weekly letter very much. Your feedback is not only appreciated—it energizes us to continue our efforts with patience.

In the past weeks, NUM has witnessed some remarkable moments. You know our journey does not stop here. Our commitment is to keep creating provenance standards and make sure everyone can easily access the tools and create content provenance.

There are also many good changes in the industry. Years ago, generating realistic photos in mere seconds with just a few words seemed unimaginable. However, OpenAI's introduction of SORA has elevated this concept to an unprecedented level, expanding capabilities to not only photos but also videos. Not only OpenAI, but the whole provenance community is continuously growing. At Numbers, we are aware of the power of blockchain and the importance of having immutable records. For those yet to explore the synergies of C2PA and blockchain, I encourage you to register for a Capture account and experience the future now!

Recently, we had the honor of being invited by SafetyDetectives, a renowned global team of cybersecurity experts acclaimed for their dedication to unbiased reporting, to introduce Numbers Protocol to their audience. The latest interview video with Starling Lab, our esteemed partner since 2019, also shares how Numbers is restoring trust in news media. Check out the article and the interview and share them within your networks. The power of community is pivotal in amplifying our message worldwide.

Valentine's Day, a celebration of love, also marked a significant day for Indonesian voters this year. Numbers Protocol played a crucial role in safeguarding the authenticity of content during the elections, garnering attention from local media, including a feature by Tempo.co. We are gearing up for more election-related campaigns in 2024 and look forward to your active participation.

Lastly, we are discussing potential agendas for our DAO on GitHub. Your input is crucial to us, and I encourage you to review the ongoing conversations and share your insights. We keep collecting suggestions from the community. We expect to see meaningful conversations in any channel.

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week.

Cheers & Have a nice weekend, Tammy

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