10 March 2023

2023/3/10 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • Numbers Search Engine has been updated about the asset profile. Now it supports the display of AI-generated information, ENS domain, and capture service username. These new features enable users to access more detailed and accurate information about assets.


  • This week, we launched two community campaigns to celebrate the Holi Festival and International Women's Day. Building on the original All Human-Made Mosaic Art campaign, these two campaigns add even more flavor and color, expanding on the spirit of the original. As we enter a week of embracing new life and women's empowerment and creativity, we hope that you'll use the Capture App to capture the best moments of your life! Moreover, the selfie you took will be showcased in #SXSW Booth #1714, canโ€™t wait to show off our co-creation to the whole world! Never too late to join here: https://all-human-made.numbersprotocol.io/

  • In other news, we held a Twitter Space with our partner Avalanche this Friday, discussing how Numbers technology can break barriers between AI and creators by ensuring content authenticity. With AI in Web3 becoming an increasingly hot topic, it's important to consider how artists can maintain authenticity while utilizing this technology. Our Advisor Jesse Ringham, Global Outreach lead Natalie Wang, and AI artist Robert Alice joined us to share their insights. We hope you enjoyed the discussion and learned more about how Numbers can help solve AI-related challenges. If you missed it, you can replay the record here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqKDoweYYoxV


Business Development:

  • In these two weeks, weโ€™ll be at SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas, US! Our team will be there showcasing our latest progress, meeting new folks, and seeing old friends. If you happen to be in the area, we would be happy to meet you at SXSW Creative Industries Expo booth #1714 to engage in a meaningful discussion over a cup of coffee!


  • This week, we organized two community campaigns to contribute to the Mosaic Art campaign. The first campaign was targeted at our local Hindi community to celebrate the Holi festival. The second campaign was for International Women's Day and aimed to empower women through the Capture App and Charles Tsevis' Mosaic Art. Both campaigns offered rewards, with participants receiving 30% revenue sharing.

  • In addition, we conducted a monthly review session to evaluate the performance of our ambassadors. We provided feedback to help them improve and clarify any doubts they had. We also made some changes to the ambassador program, specifically in the translator and content writing areas. Please visit her for more information: https://ambassador.numbersprotocol.io/

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