16 June 2023

2023/6/9 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • The asset profile has been enhanced to support audio files. Users can now commit audio files on our service or Numbers Mainnet, and they can be played directly on the asset profile.

  • The Capture App has received important updates. Users now have the ability to swap NUM from ETH within their own wallets. Additionally, the asset detail page has been upgraded to display the owner & creator username and additional device data fields. These updates improve usability, transparency, and provide users with more control over their assets.

Business Development:

This week has been exceptionally productive for our Business Development team.

  • First, we made our presence felt on the global stage at London Tech Week and VIVATECH in Paris. These prominent tech events provided us with the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, mentors, and cohorts from OV x Farfetch Dream Assembly, further expanding our network and fostering meaningful relationships within the fashion industry.

  • Second, our engaging discussions with Gazelli Art House and a well-known web3 clothing company have reinforced our dedication to promoting digital provenance, as we explore exciting collaborations to integrate Numbers Protocol into the realms of fashion, art, and clothing.

  • Third, we've announced our partnership with Fairpicture, Fairpicture's expertise in art curation and distribution combined with Numbers Protocol's advanced blockchain solutions will empower artists and collectors alike, ensuring the authenticity and provenance of every artwork.

Marketing & Community:

  • We are excited to share that we emerged triumphant at VivaTech 2023 by winning the Judge's Favorites award in the highly competitive Coup de Coeur Pitch Contest, surpassing hundreds of start-ups! This highlights the importance of digital provenance and showcases the transformative solutions our products bring to the world. It serves as a testament to the unique value proposition and potential impact of our offerings. This recognition fuels our motivation to continue pushing boundaries and delivering excellence in everything we do.

  • In addition, we successfully concluded our first Monthly Dev Call this week, providing an opportunity for those who couldn't join the festival to catch up on the latest updates! Also, the exclusive Dev Call NFT POAP has been airdropped to your Capture account, go check it! You’re gonna love it! Read the recap here: https://twitter.com/numbersprotocol/status/1668264400887611393


  • The monthly token unlock has been successfully completed, and we are in the process of updating CoinMarketCap (CMC) accordingly. Stay tuned for the updated NUM token information on CMC.

  • We see an active discussion surrounding the 4th NumbersDAO voting agenda. As a reminder, the community review period will close on June 20. We encourage all members to participate and share their views on this important topic.

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