12 May 2023

2023/5/12 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • Our API now supports C2PA data download. Users can download C2PA data with one simple API call!

  • Gitbook has been updated to include improvements to the assetTree field to include "generatedBy" and "generatedThrough" fields for generative-AI content, enabling a smoother and more intuitive experience.

Business Development:

  • Last week, we participated in the prestigious Avalanche Summit in Spain and gave an insightful talk on "Web3 and Creativity Renaissance: How Decentralized Technology is Revolutionizing Art and Culture". This topic highlighted Numbers' forward-thinking approach and innovative solutions that are helping to push the boundaries of creativity and culture.

  • We also attended the Digital Trust Challenge in Berlin this week, it’s a highly regarded event focused on building trust and security in the digital realm.

  • Lastly, we are happy to share that Numbers Protocol has been selected to join Farfetch's Dream Assembly Base Camp accelerator program in partnership with Outlier Ventures. This development signifies our dedication to shaping the future of Web3 luxury commerce. Through this program, we will have the opportunity to explore new possibilities, collaborate with industry leaders, and create innovative tools and experiences in the luxury sector.

Marketing & Community:

  • This week, we made significant strides in strengthening our community with the launch of our 2023 Community Strategy and the reconstruction of the Numbers Discord Server. Our goal is to position Numbers Protocol as the go-to resource for users seeking content provenance, and these initiatives are crucial steps in that direction.

  • During the 48-hour Discord suspension, we meticulously reorganized the Discord channels, providing clearer introductions and optimizing communication through the implementation of new bots and roles system.

  • In addition, we're thrilled to announce the kickoff of our Discord Welcome Campaign on Zealy. This campaign serves as a warm welcome for our community members and aims to attract more creative communities to join us on our journey of digital provenance. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Join the campaign now at: https://link.numbersprotocol.io/DiscordWelcomeCampaign


  • We're happy to share that NUM mainnet staking has reached an impressive milestone of 1.6 million tokens, showcasing your support for the team.

  • This week, our regular monthly token unlock will take place on May 13, and we encourage investors and holders to actively participate in the staking pool to enjoy the rewards. Rest assured, we closely monitor the community's needs and will adjust rewards based on pool performance.

  • Lastly, we value your input on the token-burning mechanism. Your feedback has been instrumental in accelerating the burning pace by six times. Share your ideas and dreams for the Numbers Protocol, as they will be realized one day!

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