Manage your NUM in Cold Wallet

ERC-20 and BEP-20 NUM

You can store your NUM to cold wallet for added layer of security, please refer to this article for the tutorial of adding ERC-20 & BEP-20 NUM to Ledger.

A tutorial video on how to send / receive an asset with Ledger Live is also available in their support page.

Mainnet NUM

Currently Ledger Live has not yet integrate Mainnet NUM. But if you would like to store Mainnet NUM in your Ledger, you can do so by connecting Ledger to your Metamask wallet, here's how :

  1. First make sure you have already added Mainnet NUM to Metamask.

  2. Connect Ledger to your desktop

  3. Open MetaMask and select "Add Hardware wallet". You can also find a comprehensive guide about this in the Ledger support page.

  4. You can now do any transaction with Mainnet NUM in your Ledger.

NUM is also available in other popular cold wallets such as Trezor. The process to manage your NUM in other cold wallet is similar to the guide we posted above. For more about managing your NUM with Trezor, please refer to this guide.

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