14 Apr 2023

2023/4/14 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • Users will now receive an email notification when a new product is listed on the Explore Page. This feature will keep users informed about the latest product offerings.

  • We have also enhanced the security of our backend by removing sensitive data from our logs. This improvement will help to safeguard user privacy and prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive information.

  • We updated the Asset Profile. Now it includes GeneratedBy and UsedBy commits, providing greater transparency for AI-generated content. These new features will enable creators to easily manage and track their content, and will further enhance the functionality and usability of the Numbers Protocol.

Business Development:

  • We also had great meetings with the Association of Photography and research faculty at King's College to introduce Numbers and gather their opinions and concerns about the challenges of content provenance in the Generative AI era.

  • Additionally, we discussed potential applications of Numbers Protocol with a brand and trademark lawyer in the US, specifically looking at scenarios involving studios.

  • The BD team had a productive week engaging in various discussions and workshops. They participated in an internal workshop to discuss the user journey for Numbers Protocol users and explored the potential benefits of digital media provenance for creators adopting generative AI tools.


  • Honored to share that our work has been featured in an article by Chris Wieduwilt, founder of ACOY. The article highlights our ability to provide solutions for content authentication and traceability in the age of AI, including combating misinformation, safeguarding intellectual property, enhancing trust and transparency, improving security and privacy, and streamlining licensing and attribution. We're excited to continue working with artists to empower them to authenticate and track their digital assets on the blockchain. For more information about our platform and solutions, please visit: https://link.numbersprotocol.io/ACOY2


  • New CAPTCH-A acquisition is online. By acquiring CAPTCH-A, you can take an active role in our DAO meetings and help shape the direction of Numbers Protocol. The acquisition program is open again, so we invite all community members to check it out. Your participation is crucial to our success as we continue to perfect Numbers DAO and decentralization. Let's work together to create a more decentralized future.


  • This week, we welcomed new members on board our Ambassadors program from Japan, Germany, and Turkey, as well as new members to our army to join us in our mission. We believe in providing ongoing support and development opportunities for our team members, including monthly review sessions and promotions for our hardworking members to move up the ranks to soldier status. For those interested in joining our Ambassadors program, we invite you to apply at https://ambassador.numbersprotocol.io. We welcome all passionate individuals who share our vision and values.

  • Besides, we are ready to launch our promotion system next week, enabling our hardworking Army members to move up the ranks to Soldier status. We know that our ambassadors are the backbone of our success, and we are committed to recognizing and rewarding their efforts. Stay tuned for more information!

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