digitalSourceType is a controlled vocabulary that indicates from which source a digital media was created. The vocabulary is maintained by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), a non-profit organization that develops and maintains standards for the exchange of news and multimedia content.

The digitalSourceType in AssetTree is defined the same way as in the C2PA spec whose value shall be one of the terms defined by the IPTC or a C2PA specific value. Some useful guidlines to choose the digitalSourceType:

  • For AI-generated images or videos, the value should be trainedAlgorithmicMedia.

  • If the content is generated by AI but the format is not digital media, use trainedAlgorithmicData

  • digitalCapture should be used for original digital capture sampled from real life.

  • digitalArt can be used for media created by a human using digital tools.

  • If the media file was created purely by an algorithm NOT based on any sampled training data, e.g. an image created by software using a mathematical formula, use algorithmicMedia

  • For content which does not have a clear source type, the field should be empty or use digitalUpload. digitalUpload means the content file was uploaded without specifying any reliable digitalSourceType.

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