Commit Asset History

Similar to the design of Git, a widely-used version control system, Commit in Numbers Protocol allows developers to easily monitor changes made to digital media files and view their full history.

There are several methods to create commits of an asset, including

  • API is the easiest way to make commits for your asset. However, in order to commit through API, you need to have Capture Token and the committer is always fixed to 0x51130dB91B91377A24d6Ebeb2a5fC02748b53ce1,the default service wallet of Numbers Protocol.

  • If you prefer to be the committer, you may use Javascript to set up your own nit config and generate commits through the nit module.

  • For Bubble developers, you can use nit plugin to generate commits for your asset.

  • For advanced developers who require more flexibility, the commits can be generated by utilizing the nit open-source tool or by interacting directly with the contract.

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