Initial Asset Registration


The initial asset registration is a critical step to trace and verify the provenance of digital assets. By registering the asset on Numbers, users can create a permanent and immutable record of its ownership and history. This record can be used to prove that the asset is authentic and has not been tampered with.

This API can help users to perform the initial registration of assets and making them available in the Numbers network. There are several actions performed by this API, including:

  • Create a Commit for the digital assets on the Numbers blockchain.

  • Pin the content file to IPFS with Filecoin backup.

  • Making Asset Profile accessible for the registered asset

  • Registered asset under the Capture Wallet of the user so that the user is able to perform more activities such as NFT minting, commit updates, etc.


  • The Asset Registration API operates on a pay-per-use principle, meaning you're only billed for the API calls you executed.

  • The limit of registered assets number and file size depends on the pricing plan.

  • However, the IPFS pin file will only be accessible for one month. After one month, the file will be unpinned and no longer accessible.

  • To make sure that the file is always accessible, users can subscribe to a Capture plan or choose the pay-as-you-go storage which costs 0.1 NUM per file per month.

  • It's essential to maintain adequate funds in your wallet, either in the form of Credits or NUM, to cover the associated costs.

  • All payments for services are processed using NUM. To retrieve its current USD value, please visit platforms like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.



Before starting to use the initial asset registration API, the user must create an account and acquire a Capture Token. Capture Token is required for API authentication.

API Key (Optional)

Enterprise Plan users may acquire an optional API key and include an extra header x-api-key to register the enterprise service's information during initial asset registration.

API Request Example

See the example here for using the Asset Registration API.

Once the POST request is successful, the asset will be registered on Numbers Mainnet and IPFS. The user may retrieve the Nid of the asset from the response.

All registered assets can be queried using the Get all assets free API.

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