28 June 2024

Dear Numbers community,

This is Tammy, writing to summarize the progress we made in the last month. With the rise of AI, most people are already aware of the importance of provenance. Therefore, our current strategy is to build deep local connections and ensure Capture is embedded in the news, media, and creative industries as much as possible. Although you may have seen some of the highlights below in past weekly letters, since they are key to our promotion strategy, I would like to highlight them again with more details.

One of the key highlights this month was our participation in the event in Washington, D.C., hosted at the National Press Club. The event provided an excellent platform to showcase Numbers Protocol's capabilities in using blockchain technology to combat misinformation. The panelists included Rachel from Filecoin Foundation, Garrett from Nodle & Click app, Mariana from Infiom, Paul from Soar.com, and of course our lovely Vera representing Numbers Protocol. During the panel, we shared the experiences from our past projects, and the commitment to ensuring the integrity and provenance of digital media. As the panelists and guests all have deep connections to the US news and media industries, we also explored future collaborations for the upcoming 2024 election.

Besides our efforts to deepen connections with the US news and media industry, we are also building relationships within the creative world by sponsoring the "Electric Art Podcast," hosted by Jesse Ringham. This pioneering podcast series explores the dynamic interplay between technology and contemporary culture, uncovering how cutting-edge technologies are transforming the arts, media, and beyond.

In the very first episode, Jesse welcomes the esteemed Samantha King, Head of Programme at VIVE Arts (HTC). Together, they dive into the transformative world of immersive technology, discussing how virtual reality is revolutionizing artistic expression. Dr. Laidlow, a former PRiSM PhD Researcher in AI, joined as the guest of the second episode to discuss his innovative works like "Silicon" and the award-winning "Warp." He shared his unique perspective on the transformative role of AI in the arts. This podcast builds a great channel for us to understand the true needs of the creative industry and explore collaboration opportunities.

Furthermore, we are honored to be part of the Open Loop program hosted by Meta where we provide our feedback and implementation takeaways on the AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF). This framework outlines AI risks such as information integrity and intellectual property and suggests actions like incorporating blockchain, provenance, watermarking, and digital signatures to address these risks. Our participation aligns perfectly with our mission and demonstrates our commitment to contributing to global standards for AI risk management.

These are not all. We have also visited Seoul to meet with the Web3 community and signed several collaboration documents with news media in Taiwan. The future of provenance is just beginning. With all our past and future efforts, we aim to make Numbers Protocol the default option for preserving and verifying digital media provenance.

On the product side, besides our active efforts in building the Capture Dashboard, we have also improved the performance and UI of the Asset Profile. Take a photo using Capture Cam and open the Asset Profile for it. Let me know what differences you notice!

Last but not least, in this month, NUM has been newly listing on Plena Finance. We have also launched new traditional staking, quadratic staking pools, and opened a new flexible pool for the KuCoin user.

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week.

Cheers & Have a nice weekend,


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