Does Numbers support other blockchain?

To answer the question, it is crucial to understand the types of blockchain records that are tracked in the Numbers Protocol. These include:

Asset provenance and history

This plays a vital role in ensuring that the creative journey of an asset is accurately documented and recorded. While the Numbers Protocol does support writing provenance records (i.e. commits) to multiple blockchains, it is advisable to use the Numbers Blockchain for this purpose, as it is the most mature and reliable blockchain with many advantages for asset provenance and history records.

Asset ownership

NFTs are the standard for defining asset ownership, and Numbers supports NFTs minted on different blockchains. However, if liquidity is a concern, it may be more advantageous to mint NFTs on other blockchains. The Numbers API, Search Engine, and open-source tools support the minting and searching of NFTs on different blockchains. The supported NFT blockchains can be found in the support status table.

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