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Capture is the primary creation tool in the Numbers Protocol network which brings an audience of +2 million, and a network of world-class photographers. Capture plays an important role to help users generate Web3 photos, register, and allow digital media to be able to opt-in to many services. It provides a complete ecosystem including:
  • Capture App, the World’s First Web3 Camera app, allows users to easily Capture with on-chain proof and Sell as NFTs.
  • Capture APIs, the developer tool, allows users to interact with Web3 assets, mint, sell and transfer without the need to setup servers and infrastructures.
  • Network Actions, the framework that allows digital media to opt into Web3 services. Services registered as Network Actions can be accessed by Capture App and Capture APIs to increase the utility of digital media in Web3.
Unlike photos uploaded to Instagram or other social media platforms, Capture frees the data from centralized servers and brings control and ownership back to users. This opens a new way for 3rd-party services to provide digital asset services and help users better use their digital assets, or even monetize these digital assets.
More details about Capture App and APIs can be found in the following site: