5 May 2023

2023/5/5 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia


As the season of renewal blossoms, I am excited to share our progress and plans with you in our latest weekly update. We continue to develop and enhance our products and services, forge meaningful partnerships, and empower our community to excel together.

About product progress, our latest release, Capture App 0.77.2, includes a new upload image feature that allows users to integrate their external creations into Web3. This expansion broadens the capabilities of the Capture App, giving users more control over their content. Additionally, our service now supports matching assets that are not identical but very similar, further empowering creators to safeguard their work.

Community and marketing side, we had a productive online meeting with Army Ambassadors, providing support and guidance, addressing concerns and uncertainties, and offering valuable insights to hone their skills. The Spring Celebration campaign was a great success, resulting in a new all-time high in mainnet transactions (Total transactions: 53,632, 24 hrs highest transaction: 14,849) and increased staked tokens; now, they're over 1.4M mainnet NUM has been locked in the staking pool. Our Lead of Global Outreach, Natalie, delivered an insightful talk on "Web3 and Creativity Renaissance" at the Avalanche Summit in Spain, showcasing our innovative solutions.

For the business development part, we signed an MOU with Bitcrunch to enhance our technological capabilities and confirmed collaborations with TD Music and Unchained Music to support independent music and empower artists.

There are lots of exciting things that will happen in May! For the community and Numbers DAO part, we will soon release our new strategy to enhance the community to better support and grow users on our services. We will also unveil NUM burning formula update following the results of the 3rd NumbersDAO voting. We've observed productive discussions in the community review channel and Telegram group, encouraging all members to participate and share insights. This feedback is crucial to ensure all perspectives are considered as we progress with this update. You can find the previous discussion here. And, as always, you can expect new products and features coming in May 😎 We look forward to another fruitful month of growth and innovation together!

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. However, our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week. May all of you have a great weekend!

Take care and stay awesome,


Co-founder of Numbers Protocol

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