7 June 2024

2024/6/7 Co-founder's Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

It's Sofia here, writing the first weekly summary of June. This spring is proving to be a dynamic season for us as our team members engage globally to discuss how we can combat infringement and misinformation in the GenAI era. Vera Wu, our COO & CFO, is making strides in New York, while Natalie Wang, our Lead of Global Outreach, is set to visit Vienna and other EU locations in June. I had the honor of participating in a panel discussion on "How to Fight Disinformation in an AI-Driven World" in Geneva.

This week has been particularly momentous for us at Numbers Protocol, filled with engagements and recognitions that underscore the importance of our work in the digital media landscape. We started the week by participating in the "How to Fight Disinformation in an AI-driven World" panel during the Trust Village Launch in Geneva. It was an invaluable opportunity to engage with leading experts like Fabrice Boudou from the WTO and Philippe Stoll from the ICRC. Discussions at this level not only elevate our presence on a global platform but also align perfectly with our mission to establish trust in digital content. The insights and connections gained here are vital as we continue to navigate the complexities of AI and its role in combating disinformation.

I am also excited to announce that Numbers Protocol has been chosen as a participant in the first phase of the Open Loop US program on Generative AI Risk Management by Meta! Our focus was on AI red-teaming and synthetic content risk mitigation, crucial areas for advancing AI safety and efficiency. This participation highlights our commitment to leading the way in AI safety and contributing to the development of robust AI governance frameworks.

Moreover, I am thrilled to share that Numbers Protocol was honored with the Social Impact Award at Tech4Trust Season 5. This recognition in Switzerland—a hub for both humanitarian and technological innovation—is particularly significant. Switzerland’s stringent standards for technology and social responsibility make this award a testament to the effectiveness and importance of our platform on a global scale.

The Social Impact Award, sponsored by the Herbert and Audrey Rosenfield Fund Inc., is not just a win for our team; it’s a win for every member of the Numbers community. Your belief in our mission empowers us to push forward, innovate, and strive for a future where digital content is inherently trustworthy.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each of you—our community, team members, and partners—for believing in our vision. This accolade is a collective achievement that reflects our shared commitment to enhancing digital trust.

Let’s continue championing the cause of trust in digital media and setting new technology benchmarks. Your support is our greatest strength💪!

As usual, the team will be taking some time off for the weekend, which may result in slower responses. However, our dedicated moderators will still be available to assist you, and we will be fully prepared for the upcoming week. Have a fantastic weekend!

Warm regards,

Sofia Yan Co-founder & CGO, Numbers Protocol

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