Why Numbers Mainnet is permissioned?

Why is Numbers Mainnet permissioned?

Numbers Mainnet is a permissioned public chain, and our ultimate goal is to make it permissionless. However, at this early stage, we have implemented this restriction to protect our ecosystem from being overwhelmed by unrelated contracts. Our aim is to ensure that all contracts deployed on Numbers Mainnet are relevant to digital media provenance rather than DeFi apps or other unrelated purposes.

Does this mean Numbers Mainnet is not a public blockchain?

No, this does not change the fact that Numbers Mainnet is a public blockchain. While it is currently permissioned to maintain the integrity and focus of our ecosystem, it remains accessible and transparent. We welcome anyone interested in deploying contracts that are relevant to digital media provenance.

Can I deploy a contract on Numbers Mainnet?

Yes, if your contract is relevant to digital media provenance, we are always welcoming and encourage you to deploy it on Numbers Mainnet. Our goal is to build an ecosystem dedicated to enhancing and securing the provenance of digital media. As we progress and our ecosystem grows stronger, we will work towards making Numbers Mainnet a fully permissionless chain.

What if I prefer to use another EVM-compatible chain?

Additionally, since our contracts follow ERC-7053, we can support any EVM-compatible chains. Currently, we already have contracts on Numbers Mainnet, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Hedera. While we would like your team to use Numbers Mainnet, if your team has concerns and prefers to integrate with another EVM-compatible chain, we can accommodate your request. Please let us know your preferences, and I can bring the request to our product team. You can find the support status from here.

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