26 Apr 2024


It's Tammy to report the progress for the 4th month of 2024. In this month, our team travelled to Seoul, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Taipei and London, engaging with many potential partners face-to-face. We achieved numerous significant milestones, making the BTC halving not the only notable event in this month.

As you may have noticed, the adoption of digital media provenance is accelerating rapidly. Not only is Sony planning to support C2PA across all their cameras, but Google and Meta are also preparing to implement C2PA injection on their platforms soon. As an early member of C2PA, our Capture services provide the most user-friendly and comprehensive infrastructure to support users adopting C2PA through mobile apps, desktop browsers, and developer APIs. With AI watermarking becoming a regulatory requirement, the urgency for AI tooling developers to adopt technologies like Numbers Protocol is becoming urgent. We are currently preparing an article to present a comprehensive guide for users and developers looking to adopt C2PA using Capture and no-code tools such as our AI partner, Instill. If you are an user of Generative AI, do try to experience the future of no-code, open-source and the provenance ensured by Numbers Protocol.

Another article was published detailing our collaboration with media outlets, journalists, and the Starling Lab to archive news content from the Taiwan election earlier this year. In this article, we explained the verification flow using our verify engine powered by AI. The projects in Indonesia and India follow the same technical flow, and this model is set to be replicated for many other elections worldwide. Check it out to see how it works differently from other archives and discover what makes it amazing!

In the development side, we have broadened our support to include C2PA injections for videos and enhanced our AI capabilities to deepen the insights within our generated C2PA files and blockchain records on the Numbers Mainnet. Additionally, you may have noticed that sharing Asset Profiles on social media has become more stable. This improvement is due to updates in how Asset Profiles are accessed. Our goal is to provide a faster, more stable, and more reliable foundation for content authentication across internet media, reflecting our commitment to advancing data integrity and enriching user experiences. Check out this sharing URL and let me know if you have found the differences: https://verify.numbersprotocol.io/asset-profile/bafybeic56aw3vn32wyw62mtekdchvghsj3eaneaircdwwdsggxwkfjmmy4

It's been an exciting week for us on the marketing front as well! This week alone, we've established new partnerships with Lighthouse.storage, iMe Smart Platform & OpenOrigins. This reflects the rapid growth of the Numbers network and the increasing demand for digital media provenance. Stay tunedโ€”more updates are coming!

Last but not least, the 7th Numbers DAO meeting has concluded, and we will announce the results and provide a full recap next week. During the meeting, DAO members voiced their concerns and support for the topic, which is a very positive signal that our DAO is functioning healthily. Regardless of the vote outcome, the input from every DAO member will be archived on the Numbers network and the concerns will be addressed appropriately. To keep building a healthy DAO, I would like to invite you to review the voting topic for the next meeting together and share your opinions on whether we should change the requirement of the DAO NFT (the lovely CAPTCHA).

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week.

Cheers & Have a nice weekend, Tammy

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