3 May 2024

2024/5/3 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

It's Sofia here, writing the first weekly summary of May. I hope you are doing well during this beautiful spring moment of the year. Before I jump into the team’s regular weekly working summary, I would like to take a moment to share some highlights of my recent European tour.

During my trip in April, I had insightful discussions with the WeTransfer team in Amsterdam on AI, which fostered optimism for potential collaborations. In London, I contributed to the World Congress of News Media, gained valuable insights on the future of journalism in the digital age. In Zurich, I had a close door pitch to Swisscom Ventures and got positive comments on Numbers’ solution. I also participated in the Tech4Trust roadshow hosted by Trust Valley, exploring trust-building in the digital realm through a panel discussion, which sparked meaningful conversations. The potential collaborations and exposure opportunities in April are promising. I am looking forward to exciting events in May! As usual, here's the weekly update from the whole team.


  • We've completed another round of Asset Profile optimization! This time we've improved how assets are presented and discovered by updating SEO images for existing assets and simplifying the process for creating SEO images for new assets.

Marketing & Community

  • The collaboration spree continues! This week we partnered with Orange Web3 with the ultimate goal - Bringing Provenance to the gaming scene with the creators in mind!

  • Check out our latest tutorial article on the topic “No Code tools to create and label AI-generated content”. While the tutorial is primarily directed at developers, the marketing team successfully completed the process without any problems, it’s really that simple, you don’t even need to code!

Business Development

  • Education is an essential step for innovation. To that end, we're discussing a potential joint workshop with Instill AI, focusing on AI & data provenance. If you are interested in joining the workshop, look forward to our official announcement!

  • Sealed the deal with ToolBlox! Real World Asset is one of the more popular topics being discussed by the crypto community. However, tokenized assets would not be complete without Provenance. An official announcement of this collaboration will be made soon!

  • Numbers has been actively involved with Google this year. Just last week, we connected with personnel from Google Hong Kong, resulting in many business development opportunities!


  • The 7th Numbers DAO meeting concluded on April 25, 2024, with results in favor of the proposal. You can check the summary of the DAO meeting on our GitHub. The next DAO meeting is coming in July 2024, make sure to register in our CAPTCH-A Acquisition Program to join in the next meeting!

As usual, the team will be taking some time off for the weekend, which may result in slower responses. However, our dedicated moderators will still be available to assist you, and we will be fully prepared for the upcoming week. Have a fantastic weekend!

Warmest regards,

Sofia, Cofounder and CGO, Numbers Protocol

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