Read Asset History

There are several methods by which one can access the commits of an asset and its full history. You may also refer to the specification of Commit, Action, AssetTree, Proof Metadata (integrtyCid) and nftRecord for more details about how to read the data on the blockchain or on IPFS.

  • The easiest way to view an asset's history is through the web-based Asset Profile of the Verify Engine. This profile provides a comprehensive view of the asset, including its creation information, NFT records, and other important details.

  • For API users, the commits of assets can be accessed via the API.

  • For Javascript developers, the commits can be accessed through the nit module.

  • For Bubble developers, you can use nit plugin to access the commit history.

  • For advanced developers who require more flexibility, the commits can be accessed by utilizing the nit open-source tool or by interacting directly with the contract.

Commit message

The following represents a single commit message associated with an asset. In most cases, multiple commit messages will be present in order to provide the full history of the asset. For a more in-depth understanding of each field, please refer to the documentation on the Commit page.

  "assetTreeCid": "bafkreibyy3oe3fyucn4sxfiphzdga5caznvm3vmxralkyli3mx74wkbsfm",
  "assetTreeSha256": "38c6dc4d971413792b950f3e46607440cb6acdd5978816ac2d1b65ffcb28322b",
  "assetTreeSignature": "0x0254ad5c79450372e65ed6a84c7952349e4b40ffb1026b45e2f0a19047b98a6a51f3209e34c6a5c14eecfe55801bc1de66ffba739145a4e9375581c0d7b6db2c1b",
  "author": "0x8212099e5aF75e555A3E63da77a99CcC9527aCC1",
  "committer": "0x51130dB91B91377A24d6Ebeb2a5fC02748b53ce1",
  "provider": "bafkreido4zu743f6isb5wninfkedvbirj2ngb5fkivrpdijh2xtd3s6rnu",
  "timestampCreated": 1673977414,
  "action": "bafkreiavifzn7ntlb6p2lr55k3oezo6pofwvknecukc5auhng4miowcte4",
  "actionResult": "",
  "abstract": "Action action-initial-registration."

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