4 Aug 2023

2023/8/4 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

Greetings to all of you! This is Sofia writing on the first Friday of August.

As we journey together on the exciting path of innovation and transformation, I am always thrilled to share with you our progress, achievements, and future plans. The past week has been nothing short of amazing, thanks to the hard work of our team and the unwavering support from each one of you. Let's dive into the wonderful strides we've made this week!

To kick things off, I'm delighted to announce that our Capture service backend now supports the importing of external NFTs! This is an exciting milestone, which not only opens up new possibilities for our users but also marks a significant step forward in our journey.

We're working tirelessly to make Numbers Protocol a welcoming home for all your digital assets, and we will soon be introducing the capability to import your existing NFT collections. We can't wait for you to explore this new feature and experience the added convenience firsthand.

The excitement doesn't stop there. We're equally thrilled to introduce you to our new Director of Communication, Steffen Darwin. With his extensive background in marketing analysis and deep connections within the crypto community, Steffen is a valuable addition to our team. Many of you might already be familiar with Steffen since he's been an active community member since 2021! It's wonderful to have him on board, and we're looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to our team.

Besides, our marketing team has been hard at work shaping our Q3 marketing and events plan. Among the many noteworthy events, our recent presence at the AWS Summit in Taipei stands out, where we demonstrated how our Capture tool plays a crucial role in digital media traceability.

In terms of business development, we've been actively seeking and establishing key partnerships. Some highlights include a productive discussion with Replay Rewarded TV about integrating our asset management capabilities, solidifying our collaboration with Superworld, and actively participating in an Avalanche webinar focused on supporting creators and their digital assets.

For our NUM & DAO, we've been revisiting NUM's utilization and are putting our heads together for a more sustainable tokenomics design. We genuinely appreciate the invaluable feedback received during the monthly dev call. Just a reminder, you can seamlessly exchange ETH for NUM through the swap function in the Capture Cam. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go!

As always, your continued support and active participation are what fuels our drive to innovate and improve. The journey so far has been incredible, and we're just getting started. I look forward to another fruitful month, and once again, thank you for being a part of our growing Numbers community.

Stay tuned for more cool things ahead ;)!

Warmly, Sofia, Co-Founder and CGO of Numbers Protocol

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