On-chain Commit Logs

Unlike Git repositories are usually hosted locally or on the server, the Numbers repository is on the blockchain. Here is an example of the on-chain commit log:


  "assetTreeCid": "bafkreigbl7262jgwykk6ce47gbzvh4udr3rtzkpgd3b465664gzxma6zfi",
  "assetTreeSha256": "c15ff5ed24d6c295e1139f307353f2838ee33ca9e61ec3cf77dee1b37603d92a",
  "assetTreeSignature": "0xf1c8e51965296c28fd019f84ecffceaeb0afdc660e5ef9a478072e1958fb0d827747f69e5a385265a931b7a75c0cc3601a2cb0d728b8718923367738a3b7ef041b",
  "author": "0x40ea78e78f3cF0FAcc04048b5b2e90e1ff610C4A",
  "committer": "0x40ea78e78f3cF0FAcc04048b5b2e90e1ff610C4A",
  "provider": "Numbers Protocol",
  "action": "Initial Registration",
  "abstract":"Action action-initial-registration."

All the commit logs are indexed by the Nid of the digital media file. Nid is also the address of the digital media file on the Decentralized Web. As long as you have the file or the Nid of it, you can find the content file from IPFS gateway or Numbers gateway as well as the full on-chain history of it.

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