10 Feb 2023

2023/2/10 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • The Numbers Search Engine has recently undergone an update to include support for integrity records from the Numbers Mainnet. This new feature lets users easily see information committed on the Numbers Mainnet. There are also other updates to better represent the asset properties, check out the example from 2022 Archive to view more.


  • This week, we break down two articles in an easy-to-follow format for the benefit of our community. The first article recaps our collaboration with Rolling Stone and Starling Lab, highlighting how the Numbers network leverages decentralized technology and Web3 storage to provide new avenues for holding war criminals accountable and offering a brighter future for the next generation. You can learn more about this exciting use case by clicking on the following link: https://link.numbersprotocol.io/rollingstone.

  • The second article re-emphasizes the role of the Numbers network in powering our digital media library and indexing system. This ensures that digital assets are standalone entities with accessible and transparent on-chain records, addressing concerns surrounding the technology through proof-of-concepts and collaboration with AI companies and AI artists. For more information on this topic, please click on the following link: https://link.numbersprotocol.io/PS-5. We understand that time is a valuable commodity and reading long articles can be challenging. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing quality content that is well-deserved by our community and will continue to do so.


  • We would like to remind you that the private sale investors' unlock is happening on Feb 12th. for this month's distribution. As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and community engagement, we will also be opening up the community review process for the next DAO meeting agenda next week. We encourage all of our community members to actively participate and provide feedback and opinions.

Business Development:

  • This week we announce a partnership with CxC, an online platform that empowers creators globally. This partnership enables Numbers to extend its support to an additional content platform and its creator community by providing solutions for content authenticity and web3 adoption. The partnership with CxC is a testament in expanding Numbers' reach and impact in the creative content industry.


  • The monthly feedback session for the ambassador program was successfully held and the invaluable feedback received was utilized for making comprehensive improvements. The ambassador program is now live on the HYVE platform, much to the delight of the community members who have expressed their satisfaction with the increased trading volume on exchanges, and have been impressed by the recent product developments and updates to the Capture App.

  • Additionally, the members have shown a keen interest in further partnerships and the revenue generated from the Capture app. To get a better understanding of the community's priorities, a poll was conducted, and the results revealed that the top priority is to attain a top 10 listing on exchanges, followed by participating in AI artist collaborations and making a final pitch at the SXSW in Austin, and lastly, incorporating social features into the Capture app.


  • Have you noticed an increase in content on Capture Social lately? We've been working hard to produce more educational content for Web3 and Art beginners, in the hopes of making Capture Social a diverse and inclusive platform. This will not only allow you to stay updated on the latest developments in the field but also serve as an accessible gateway to stay ahead of the curve in both art and technology. We hope you will enjoy the extra advantages as you continue your journey with us. Capture the moment, and share it with us!

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