Embed social media into asset profile

While IPFS offers an excellent method for owning and storing your digital files, opting to display a social media link instead of the direct IPFS file link can still offer advantages:

  1. Embedding a social media link into your Asset Profile can significantly enhance the user experience, especially if your media file is large. This approach ensures faster and more efficient access to your content.

  2. Embedding a social media link can also drive traffic to your social media platforms when users view the asset, allowing you to capture and retain all viewing traffic on your social media channels.

  3. Although it's advisable to store your asset files on IPFS, should you choose to create blockchain provenance without IPFS storage, embedding a social media link becomes particularly useful. This feature enables you to showcase your asset via a social media link, offering a streamlined alternative for content display.

Here is an example of showing a YouTube video instead of the raw video on IPFS. If you would like to embed the social media link of the asset into asset profile, here is the instructions:

Step 1: Go to the social media platform and get the embed code

Step 2: Get the embed URL from the iframe source code. In the following example, the URL you need is https://www.youtube.com/embed/P_ET2HTIDyU?si=F9pICwCSjY_5gPkr

Step 3: Create a commit to include socialLink and set displaySocial as True. The socialLink should be the embed URL acquired from the social media platform. Here is an example of the assetTree once the commit is done. Check AssetTree for more descriptions about these fields.

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