22 Sep 2023

2023/9/22 Weekly Founder's Insight by Tammy


This is Tammy writing the weekly summary letter. I've noticed some questions being raised in our community recently, which may be due to the current market conditions. As our appreciation for your long-term support, I'd like to provide you with more information.

Can Numbers Protocol sustain in this market condition?

Absolutely. As I have consistently emphasized, our team is professional, and we maintain strict financial discipline. Even without additional funds, we remain stable and prepared to operate for the next 15 to 24 months.

Has the team sold NUM for financial support?

No, we did not. We did not liquidate when NUM was priced at USD 2.0, and we certainly wouldn't at USD 0.02. It wouldn't be a wise strategy, would it? We have strong faith that both Numbers Protocol and NUM will show strength as the foundation of the digital media industry in the next bull round.

If NUM has not been sold, how is Numbers Protocol funded?

The majority of our funding comes from investments we've procured. As mentioned, a robust and disciplined financial approach is crucial for sustaining Numbers Protocol. Additionally, the adoption of Numbers Protocol is increasing, which in turn generates more revenue, converts more users to holders, and expands the use cases for NUM.

Who is selling NUM?

While I cannot identify the individuals selling, we monitor our private-sale investors closely and are confident the selling pressure is not originating from them. Notably, we've observed continuous new buyers for the sold NUMs, underscoring strong faith in the project. I've sent requests to Github without a response. The team is doing nothing!

The argument is certainly not the case. Those who attended our recent webinar discussing the world's first integration of AIxBlockchain would know how significant our achievement is. Some may perceive Web3 as a transient phase or a bubble waiting to burst. But we are the most relevant Web3 project in the AI field. We are actively collaborating with authentic creators and reputable media companies. Every Github issue has an associated ticket to our internal system, and we actively monitor them. However, same as every tech company, we need to prioritize the tickets based on the demand from mainstream users, including Capture SDK users, Capture Cam users, Capture Dashboard users, our enterprise partners and NUM holders.

What if my ticket on Github remains unresolved? As mentioned, since we have to prioritise tickets based on the demand from mainstream users, it is inevitable that sometimes the ticket may take longer until it can be resolved. If you believe your ticket affects the majority of users and it is missing attention, sharing your rationale with our moderator is the best way. They share feedback from the community with us every day.

Over the past years, Numbers Protocol has laid the groundwork to support different media forms, from traditional to blockchain and even metaverse. Our monthly digital media access exceeds one billion, marking a significant milestone. Moreover, we're excited to announce our latest collaboration with MILC Platform, exemplifying our effort to bridge physical, blockchain, and metaverse domains.

If you Google "digital provenance in AI", you'll see Numbers Protocol. Check the latest news from Protocol Labs and you'll see them highlighting Numbers Protocol again and again. As AI becomes more sophisticated and widely used, digital trust is becoming a critical issue. Numbers Protocol is the only decentralized and reliable solution to address this problem. Due to an NDA, I can't reveal more, but there are also potential partnerships with Hollywood in the works. Numbers team is strong and committed to building a solution to a real problem. Our promise remains the same: strong products and strong adoption are the only ways that may lead to a strong NUM token.

Earlier today, the Numbers Innovation Program was launched. Echoing our commitment to transparency and decentralization, this initiative and potential future grants will reside under NumbersDAO, granting DAO members governance rights

In the last part of my letter, I need to ask everyone's attention to a serious matter. Recently, we have found many violations of our Community Principles. It is good to be positive, and it is also okay to be negative (of course, I don't favor it, as long as it’s not violating our policy). However, it is essential that we respect each other in the community. The vision of Numbers Protocol is to build a better internet, and without respect, we will not be able to achieve it. Tolerance of bullying our moderators also betrays our vision. Therefore, starting today, we will enforce the policy strictly and ensure that we all show basic respect to each other.

I hope this letter answers some questions from you. If you have more questions, you are always welcome to share them with us on Github or in the community channel as long as it follows our community policies. Thank you very much for your support. We will continuously listen and improve Numbers Protocol to make it a better project. Numbers Protocol will be and is becoming the new standard of internet trust.

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week.

Best, Tammy

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