[IPFS] Check Nid/Cid on IPFS

This API allows you to check if the Nid/Cid is accessible on IPFS network through the Numbers Gateway. You need both the Capture Token and the Nid for this process. If you do not already have a Capture Token yet, please follow the instruction provided to create one.

API Endpoint: https://eobf91xa1ra7i2n.m.pipedream.net

Cost: 0.01 NUM

Method: POST

This API endpoint allows developers to check if a Nid/Cid is accessible from the Numbers Gateway (https://ipfs-pin.numbersprotocol.io/ipfs/).

This API requires a valid token for Authorization. The token should be passed in the headers of the request using the following format: "Authorization: token YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN"

Authorization: token $YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN (required)
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body (required):
nid (string): Nid to be checked.

curl -X POST "https://eobf91xa1ra7i2n.m.pipedream.net" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Authorization: token YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN" \
     -d '{
         "nid": NID_TO_CHECK

    "nid": NID_TO_CHECK,
    "on_ipfs": true

200: Check API successful.
400: Bad request
401: Unauthorized
403: Forbidden
500: Internal Server Error

A detailed explanation of the Nid can be found on the Numbers ID (Nid) page. In this example, you would replace YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN with your actual Capture token and NID_TO_CHECK with the Nid you want to unpin. More examples can be found below:

import requests

url = "https://eobf91xa1ra7i2n.m.pipedream.net"
headers = {
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Authorization": "token YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN"
data = {
  "nid": NID_TO_CHECK

response = requests.post(url, headers=headers, json=data)

if response.status_code == 200:
    response_json = response.json()
    print("Request failed with status code:", response.status_code)

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