12 Apr 2024

2024/04/12 Weekly Summary from Numbers Team

Hello Numbers Community,

We hope you're all doing well! Here's your weekly update with our team's latest developments and exciting news.


  • There were issues related to the NFT minted by Capture not displaying the correct preview image in NFT marketplaces. The issues are fixed now! Use the Capture Cam or Capture Dashboard to mint the NFT for your unique content.

  • NUM is getting very popular lately, which is a great thing! And the high demand results in some liquidity problems across various exchanges & chains supporting NUM. To prevent this, we have worked closely with the exchange and service partners we collaborate with to improve the process. The new process should result in reduced slippage, improved user experience and more stable liquidity!

  • There are also minor fixes for the staking sites in order to improve the stability and the user experience. Want to see more changes? We are working on the big UI/UX change of the staking sites and should be able to share the progress soon.

Marketing & Community

  • Visited our website recently? If so, you may have noticed some updates to our homepage! We've responded to your requests to include the logos of our very notable partners on our official site. This addition aims to enhance trust and transparency for new visitors to Numbers. Expect to see more updates in the coming weeks!

  • Last month turned out to be a very exciting month for NUM and our community! And this leads to us getting lots of applications to the ambassador program. We are grateful for your eagerness, and decided to expand the slots to make room for new applicants! Apply now and be part of the family!

  • An article talking about Numbers Protocol as a potential AI unicorn was discovered this week. Do you see any other articles covering Numbers Protocol? Share with us!

Business Development

  • There seems to be a very interesting narrative among the Web3 companies lately, one of them is in the DePIN sector. But what does Numbers have to do with DePIN? Well, we're in talks with Lighthouse.storage about a unique use-case of provenance could offer to this sector. We'll keep you updated on this potential partnership, so stay tuned!

  • The team is currently visiting South Korea and grow the business connections there. Knowing any exciting projects that we should talk to? Do let us know!

As always, we appreciate your continued support. While the team enjoys a well-deserved break over the weekend, our dedicated moderators will be available to assist you. We'll return recharged and ready to take on new challenges next week. Thank you for being an integral part of the Numbers Community!

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