Solution Stack

  1. Numbers Blockchain: A blockchain infrastructure for the Numbers Protocol that provides the backbone for the authentication, traceability, and monetization of digital media assets.

  2. Asset Smart Contracts: Smart contracts that handle the minting of NFTs and distribution of royalties for tradeable digital media assets. They also provide a way for creators to register their assets on the blockchain and for buyers to verify the authenticity of the assets.

  3. Framework tools: To make it easy for users to interact with the Numbers Protocol and its blockchain, tools such as APIs, Network Actions and an Asset Explorer are provided. These tools allow users to easily access and manage the assets they own, track the transactions and verify the authenticity of the assets.

  4. Worldโ€™s First Blockchain Camera App, Capture App: A camera application that allows photographers and creators to Capture and Sell their creations, with all information of the asset (metadata, provenance, etc) and the revenue share tracking and distribution automatically handled by smart contracts. It can build the Web3 creator economy by letting everyday users create native Web3 content and create a direct relationship between creators and their audience.

  5. Asset Profiles & Search, including Web3-based content profile and search engine ensuring transparency and searchability of digital content.

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