3 Nov 2023

2023/11/3 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

Warm greetings from Sofia, it's me again to share the team's growth on the first Friday of a new month! As the leaves turn and we welcome the chill of autumn, our mission at Numbers Protocol remains as warm and active as ever. It's time for our weekly catch-up, and I'm excited to share the strides we're making together.

🔍 Product Growth

This week marks a special milestone for our Numbers Search Engine. We're making it easier to see what's in a blockchain wallet with a simple search. Input "wallet=${your_integrity_wallet" in the page URL and see the full list of digital assets owned by you with blockchain provenance.

🏙️ Out in the World

Remember the bright lights in Times Square?

That was us showing the world what trust and truth can look like. And it's just the start. If you're curious about what that moment meant for us and for digital truth, our latest write-up will tell you all about it. Also, you can join in with Capture Eye - give it a go with your photos and see what happens!

💼 On the Move in Business

What a week! I was in Taipei, at the International Media Conference, talking with some of the brightest minds – from Vox Media, FIPP, and Bloomberg News. We shared ideas that I believe will grow into big things for us. They see the value in what we do, and that's exciting!

🔄 NUM & DAO Progress

A big thank you to everyone in the $NUM - $USDC LP staking pool. It's time to gather your rewards and see the results of your support. We're focusing on our liquidity now, so your quick action will help a lot.

🗳️ What's Next

Looking ahead, we're gearing up for something big: a campaign tackling the tough stuff – misinformation and fake news. With the elections coming, we're putting our tech and hearts into ensuring truth shines through.

Every day, with each of you, we're building a future where digital content is something you can trust again. Your belief in us is what powers this dream.

Here's to the path we're walking together. Thank you for being part of this journey.

With heartfelt thanks,

Sofia, Co-Founder and CGO of Numbers Protocol

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