What is C2PA and why do we need it?

What is C2PA?

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) is an initiative by tech leaders to establish standards for verifying the source and integrity of digital content using Provenance Data.

How does C2PA combat fake news and misinformation?

C2PA combats misinformation by embedding Provenance Data into digital content to ensure authenticity, making it easier to detect and discredit deep fakes and manipulated media.

What are the benefits of C2PA Provenance Data?

The benefits include authenticating digital files, creating tamper-evident records, and bolstering trust and confidence in the media we consume by confirming its authenticity.

Who can use Capture’s C2PA tools?

Capture’s C2PA tools, such as Capture Cam, Capture Dashboard, and Capture API, are designed for businesses and individuals of any size looking to ensure the authenticity of their digital content.

How does Capture integrate C2PA Provenance Data into images?

Every image uploaded to Capture’s products automatically receives C2PA Provenance Data, ensuring the content’s authenticity and provenance are tracked and verifiable.

What makes blockchain technology ideal for provenance?

Blockchain's immutable nature ensures that once digital assets are recorded, their ownership history cannot be altered, providing a transparent and credible asset lineage.

Can I add C2PA Provenance Data to AI-generated images?

Yes, with Capture’s tools, you can add C2PA Provenance Data to AI-generated images right after their creation to ensure traceability and authenticity.

What future enhancements are expected for Capture’s services?

Capture plans to expand its digital management capabilities and improve performance and stability to enhance users’ content authenticity experience.

How does Capture ensure the authenticity of content in the age of AI?

Capture collaborates with platforms like Instill AI to provide tools for content creators to verify their genuine content and for everyone to discern real content from fakes.

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