2 Feb 2024

2024/2/2 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

It's Sofia here, writing the first weekly summary of February. As we continue our journey through 2024, our shared path becomes increasingly enriching and impactful! Today, I am particularly thrilled to share that we have made remarkable progress, a testament to our team's relentless efforts and your unwavering support.

A Milestone Achievement

Do you remember the Taiwan election project Tammy shared just last week? It marked the first use case of our "News Visual Content Verification Platform" (and it certainly won't be the last!).

I'm delighted to announce that our platform has been recognized and selected for the "News Digital Transformation Programs," an initiative funded by Google. This honor validates our commitment to revolutionizing the news industry with digital provenance. The accompanying significant grant will bolster our mission to ensure the authenticity and integrity of news content.

This achievement resonates deeply with us as it aligns with our vision of a world where transparency and openness prevail in the digital realm. The grant will support our ongoing projects and open new avenues for innovation and collaboration in transforming the news industry digitally.

Why This Matters

In an era rife with unchecked misinformation, our platform stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. Being selected for this prestigious program underscores our role in shaping the future of news consumption and distribution. It also cements our position as a leader in the digital provenance space, poised to tackle misinformation head-on.

Moreover, coverage by Journalism.co.uk highlights our role in combating deep fakes in elections, with endorsements from the Global Investigative Journalism Network and the International Federation of Journalists affirming our potential as a game-changer in news media.

Looking Forward

This recognition is a stepping stone towards greater achievements. With the grant's support, we plan to enhance our platform's capabilities, expand our reach, and continue collaborating with leading organizations and experts in the field. Our goal is clear: to empower creators, journalists, and news organizations with the tools they need to ensure the authenticity of their content, fostering a more informed and discerning global audience.

As we celebrate this milestone, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our community for your continued trust and support. Together, we are not just witnessing change; we are driving it. Let's maintain this momentum, making 2024 a landmark year in our journey towards digital transparency and provenance. By the way, the next stop for showcasing our platform is the Indonesian presidential Election. Stay tuned!

Alongside our success in the news media field, we've made significant strides in product innovation and business development. Enhancements to the Capture Dashboard, improvements in photo registration for authenticity, and the renewal of our ISO 27001 certification highlight our commitment to excellence and security. Strategic collaborations with Protocol Lab, OpenOrigins, and a new partnership with DailyTraight at CES aim to amplify our technological reach. Furthermore, expanding Numbers Mainnet Jade with more CEX platform support reflects our dedication to growing and making our ecosystem more accessible to the community.

As with every weekend, the team will take some rest, resulting in slower responses. Our dear moderators will continue supporting you, ensuring we're well-prepared for the upcoming week.

Have a great weekend there!

Warmest regards,

Sofia Cofounder and CGO, Numbers Protocol

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