1 Mar 2024

2024/3/1 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

Warmest greetings from Sofia as we embrace the vibrant beginnings of March! I'm delighted to bring you our first weekly summary of March, with updates and insights from our dynamic teams. As we navigate through this pivotal year, our collective efforts are shaping a future where the authenticity of digital content is not just a feature but a foundation. I would love to first share our vision and strategy for 2024 after the season cofounder core meeting and the progress in the past week afterward.

Vision and Strategy for 2024

Our overarching goal this year is to establish Numbers Protocol as the premier infrastructure for provenance, particularly in the news media and AI industries. This vision is more pertinent than ever against the backdrop of regional instabilities and upcoming elections, where the integrity of information is paramount. We are committed to leveraging the electoral momentum and the C2PA framework, along with tapping into the creative community we've nurtured, to solidify our market position.

Integrating Vision with Progress

  • Product Developments: In alignment with our vision, we've enhanced the Capture Dashboard, now supporting file uploads up to 500 MB for upgraded subscriptions. This development is a testament to our commitment to facilitating a broader scope of digital content verification. Furthermore, our enhanced C2PA verification support on the Numbers Verify site exemplifies our dedication to simplifying and strengthening the process of establishing digital asset provenance.

  • Marketing & Community Engagements: Our dialogue with Starling Lab and the subsequent creation of insightful shorts on our YouTube channel underscore our strategy to engage and educate the community on the importance of combating misinformation—a crucial element of our vision for provenance.

  • Business Development Insights: The strategic internal workshop and our engagement with INTNXT reflect our proactive approach to aligning our business development efforts with our strategic vision, focusing on Generative AI, video services, and news media.

  • NUM & DAO Highlights: The listing of NUM under the AI & Big Data tokens category on CoinMarketCap and the integration of an immutable blockchain record for asset provenance are significant milestones that align with our strategic direction, emphasizing the role of Numbers Protocol in setting new standards for content authenticity.

As we march forward in 2024, our vision and strategy serve as our north star, guiding our day-to-day progress and long-term initiatives. Your support and engagement are crucial as we embark on this journey to transform the landscape of digital content provenance. Thank you for being an invaluable part of our community. Together, we will pave the way for a more transparent and trustworthy digital world :)!

As with every weekend, the team will take some rest, resulting in slower responses. Our dear moderators will continue supporting you, ensuring we're well-prepared for the upcoming week. Have a great weekend there!

Warmest regards, Sofia, Cofounder and CGO, Numbers Protocol

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