19 May 2023

2023/5/19 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • We have updated the AssetTree field in our Gitbook, making it easier for external partners to follow the document and create commits.

  • Our asset profile now supports the display of geolocation and commits on the NEAR blockchain. We understand the importance of location as part of the provenance, and we are committed to supporting additional blockchain commits to ensuring that all commits and IPFS files are properly displayed.

Business Development:

  • This week has been marked by significant progress and achievements for our Business Development team. We have made substantial advancements in building relationships with key partners, including King's College and Auditone, while collaborating with Fairpicture and Unchained Music.

  • Our participation in industry events such as the Digital Trust Challenge, Berlin Landing Pad, and AWS industry lunch has allowed us to strengthen our presence and forge valuable connections

  • We are also excited to announce our involvement in the Farfetch program and onboarding of new customer SDK supports, A.V. Mapping and iTix2go. As a result, we have experienced a remarkable 25% increase in customer conversions over the two week alone.


  • This week, we made some slight adjustments to the campaign to make it even sweeter as a Disord Welcome gift. We've increased the reward pool to 15K NUM and divided it into 3 sprints, creating a healthier and more competitive environment. Never too late to join us here: https://link.numbersprotocol.io/DiscordWelcomeCampaign

  • In addition, we have published an article highlighting how Capture App is the ultimate creator tool for fostering inclusion and diversity. We believe that creativity has no boundaries and can take various forms, from art and music to photography. Get inspired by our newly onboarded Featured Creator, Koen Van Damme, and stay tuned for the upcoming appearance of Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter, Autumn Rowe. Read the full article here: www.numbersprotocol.io/blog/featuredcreators


  • We would like to gently remind everyone about the ongoing community review for the NUM burning formula update. We are grateful for the feedback received thus far and encourage more community members to share their perspectives on this significant matter. The review period will remain open until the end of May, allowing sufficient time for valuable insights to be contributed.


  • This week, the rewards were distributed to appreciate the hard work of our ambassador. We also received multiple applications from individuals showing interest in joining the Soldier position.

  • Besides, we’ve updated the Community Principles to better align with our 2023 community strategy by valuing openness, respect, and teamwork in our thriving community. Check the full article here: www.numbersprotocol.io/blog/communityprinciples


  • Have you seen the incredible sharing happening in our #creators-hub channel and the improved user-friendly product support gateway in the #product-support channel on Discord? We are constantly working on enhancing the Discord experience and making it the most welcoming space for our community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to optimize the structure and create a vibrant and supportive community hub.

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