Why Numbers needs its own blockchain?

Having our own blockchain is crucial for Numbers Protocol in order to provide a secure and stable platform for digital media provenance and to meet the needs of businesses and creators. There are several advantages to having our own blockchain:

  1. Flexibility: As the first provenance network with the vision to create the chain of creativity, it is important to have our own blockchain so that it allows us to develop and customize the network to better meet the needs of our users. Besides, owning our own blockchain gives us the ability to ensure the integrity and security of the data and assets registered on the platform.

  2. Business Collaboration: By having our own blockchain, we have more control over the design and implementation of the platform, which allows Numbers to better serve needs of our business partners. This enables us to provide a more flexible and efficient solution for businesses looking to collaborate with us and to streamline their workflow, and it also allows business partners to join as validators.

  3. Stability: Our blockchain is designed to be secure and stable, ensuring the integrity of the data stored on it. This is critical for digital media provenance, where the accuracy of the data is of utmost importance.

  4. Control: By having our own blockchain, we are able to exercise greater control over the network and its governance. This includes the ability to set policies and rules and manage disputes. This allows us to create better that the network remains secure and that the interests of all stakeholders are protected.

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