21 July 2023

2023/7/21 Weekly Summary from Numbers Team

Greetings, Numbers Community!

We're excited to share updates from this week across various teams. Let's get into the details:


  • Our Capture App has been officially renamed Capture Cam, aligning the branding with its core functionality and aiming to enhance clarity and recognition among our users.

  • We've upgraded the upload feature of Capture Cam and Capture Dashboard. They now support the uploads of short videos. This enhancement allows our users to share a more diverse range of content effortlessly.

  • The new UI design of Asset Profile was also completed the implementation will come soon and we will have a fresh look of Asset Profile!

Marketing & Community

  • The marketing team has focused on strategizing for the Q3 2023 campaign. We aim to enhance Numbers Protocol visibility and educate our community through potential co-marketing campaigns with partners, educational webinars, events, and community-driven projects. We encourage your active participation and look forward to an exciting Q3 2023.

  • We will have our second Monthly Dev Call on the 27th of July. Submit and comment with your questions on GitHub and participate in our dev call to learn more about what we're building!

Business Development

  • Although most people are enjoying the summer time, we grab the opportunities to push the business collaborations further. The new integration with AI no-code tools is going very well, and we are excited to share the progress with you soon!

  • Besides, we also had a catch-up with HTC VIVE Arts, sharing updates on our progress and discussing exciting collaborations.

  • We had a significant technical discussion with a collectable item service and will be signing an agreement to provide them with our Capture Cam as a service.


  • We've launched a new BEP20-NUM staking pool offering attractive rewards to NUM holders. Please remember to withdraw your tokens from the previous pool for a seamless transition. A warm reminder, the community review of the Quadratic Staking is still ongoing. Leave comments and let us know what you think about it!

  • Our team is working diligently on updating the NUM tokenomics to foster a robust and sustainable ecosystem. We value your input and encourage contributions on the GitHub ticket.

Thank you for your continued support. We're excited about our journey together and look forward to sharing more updates.

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