NUM Token

NUM token is the native token of Numbers Protocol. It is primarily a utility token designed to secure the Numbers Mainnet and incentivize users to archive/verify content with good provenance. NUM is utilized for various functions within the Numbers Protocol as outlined below in NUM Utility.
Token Name
NUM Token
Token Ticker
Supported Chains
Numbers Blockchain, Ethereum, BNB Chain
Total Supply

Token Contracts

NUM tokens are available in the following blockchain networks:
Contract Address
Numbers Mainnet (Jade)
Numbers Testnet (Snow)
BNB Chain
  • After 2023, NUM is initially minted from Numbers Blockchain and bridged to Ethereum. A bridge supported by Chainport can further bridge the ERC20 NUM tokens to BNB chain.
  • Before 2023, NUM was initially minted on Ethereum and bridged to BNB chain.

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