[Deprecated] Governance Rules v1.0

Governance Ver. 1.0 (Dec. 29, 2021)

Many blockchain projects understand that the success of their projects often depends on the community. Numbers Protocol recognizes this fact and will leverage the communities input in the form of governance to drive the future direction of the network. Governance Calls will occur monthly and be conducted in 4 phases:

[Phase 1] Discussion Topic

The Numbers Protocol team will select key topics related to the network and pose them to the community via community communication channels such as Discord.

[Phase 2] Community Feedback

The community will have a period of time to discuss the question amongst themselves and pose potential solutions to the topics.

[Phase 3] AMA & Numbers Tech Solution

Following community feedback, the Numbers team will select interesting solutions posed by the community to have further discussion as well as provide a few potential tech solutions. Expanded discussion will take place in person via voice AMA on a community communication channel (ie: Discord). At the conclusion of the AMA, we will decide on which solutions will undergo governance vote.

[Phase 4] Governance Vote

The final stage is the governance vote. The community will vote on the community and potential tech solutions.

How to participate in Governance?

Phase 1, 2, 3 are open to all community members to participate. This means that everyone can offer up their opinions and join the discussion. Phase 4 will be locked behind staking and possession of an β€œactive” CAPTCH-A. This means only those who have acquired a CAPTCH-A NFT and stake NUM tokens for a period of time leading up to the governance vote can participate in Phase 4 (the actual vote).

This governance format can be interpreted in the following ways:

  1. CAPTCH-A: Official Membership to the Numbers Protocol Network

  2. Staking to Activate CAPTCH-A: Demonstrating you are an active member in order to receive a ticket for a specific governance call.

CAPTCH-A NFT can be acquired in two ways. The first is through the pre-listing campaign that took place in early November 2020 (Note: CAPTCH-A burned as a part of this event no longer exists in the Numbers network and will have to be reacquired in the second way). The second way to acquire CAPTCH-A is through staking. Holders of NUM can stake 2000 tokens for a period of at least 14 days to acquire a CAPTCH-A. Those who stake NUM continuously for longer periods can upgrade their CAPTCH-A (to visually represent network loyalty) to BLACK and WHITE forms and likewise increase their voting power. See the following chart for CAPTCH-A staking breakdown:

Staking PeriodCAPTCH-A RewardPrivileges

14 days


Official member of Numbers Network, Can participate in Governance if CAPTCH-A is activated (stake NUM for designated period leading up to vote)

30 days


Governance Weight: 2, Terms: Need to continuously stake to maintain WHITE form. If unstaked at any point it will downgrade to Gray CAPTCH-A.

60 days


Governance Weight: 3, Terms: Terms: Need to continuously stake to maintain BLACK form. If unstaked at any point it will downgrade to Gray CAPTCH-A.

Metaverse Governance Voting

In the future CAPTCH-A will be the primary avatar of the Numbers Metaverse. We may develop internally, leverage the community, or work with a game company to create a software to allow community members to join governance calls with CAPTCH-A as their avatar. Stay tuned for more details.

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