5 Apr 2024

2024/4/5 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

It's Sofia here, writing the first weekly summary of April. As you all have probably heard, earlier this week, Taiwan was shaken by its strongest earthquake in 25 years. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this event, and we are heartened by the incredible solidarity shown by communities across the region. We are also grateful for the well-wishes from our community and would like to inform everyone that our team members living in Taiwan are all safe.

In the midst of this natural disaster, we have noticed several instances of misinformation spreading about the earthquake and its aftermath. To help counter this, we immediately launched a campaign to verify and archive photos related to the earthquake. Our desire to fight misinformation is strong, and we felt proud to see how swiftly the campaign was initiated, showcasing the growth of Capture since its launch. If you're living in Taiwan and wish to contribute to the archive, please follow the guide here. Once completed, we will share these images with our partner media and photojournalists, as well as across our global community.

Alongside this campaign, we have made several product innovations and business developments:

  • Enhanced Staking Experience: We've addressed community feedback by implementing improvements to the UI/UX interface of our staking site, enhancing the user experience.

  • Network Application Enhancements: We've refined the organization of network actions within Capture Cam to prioritize frequently used items. This enhancement makes it easier for users to find and interact with popular features, improving accessibility and interaction with Capture.

  • Another Completed Project with Starling Labs: We successfully completed the archiving process for photographs from Taiwan's presidential election. Our end goal remains to enhance the preservation of historical records, and we'll start more Presidential election project soon.

  • Discussion with Citizen Portal: The main topic of this talk was the U.S. Election. Numbers is set to provide provenance for government conference videos, ensuring transparency and verifiability of these crucial records.

Additionally, this week we completed the 9th and largest NUM burn by valuation, with approximately $1 million worth of NUM burned. We are truly thankful to the NUM community for your ongoing support.

As is customary for the weekend, the team will take some rest, leading to slower response times. Our dedicated moderators will continue to support you, ensuring we're well-prepared for the upcoming week.

Have a great weekend!

Warmest regards,

Sofia Cofounder and CGO, Numbers Protocol

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