Working With Us

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized team that is built on a transparent and community-driven spirit. Our vision is to create an open and accessible community for everyone who believes in the same vision as us..

One of our key principles is to prioritize transparency and community involvement. Our ticketing system is accessible via this form. If there is any issue or suggestion, you may open a ticket using the form and reach out to the dev team directly to provide feedback or suggestions to Numbers Protocol. All tickets are sent directly to the dev team, ensuring that all concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to the ticketing system, we also have a community repository on GitHub where you can leave comments and engage in discussions with the wider community. This repository is a place for all the community members to share you ideas, feedback and suggestions, as well as collaborate on the development of new features and improvements for the platform.

If you're interested in joining our dev team, please share your profile with <recruit AT>. We're always looking for talented individuals from around the world to join our team!

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