7 July 2023

2023/7/7 Weekly Summary Letter from Sofia


Happy summer! This is Sofia writing the first weekly summary letter in the first week of July and also the first week of 2023 Q3. As usual, I will provide updates on our achievements for this week and share what can be expected in July and Q3.

There are lots that can be shared from the Growth side. Firstly, our collaboration with Architectural Photographer Koen Van Damme has been a success, as he shared his firsthand experience using Capture as his first Web3 creative tool and his insights into the AI trend. We encourage you to watch the insightful clip on Capture's official YouTube channel. And remember to show your support on like, share, and subscribing :)!

Besides the collaboration with creators, our partnerships have reached new milestones. Our collaboration with AV mapping has progressed significantly, paving the way for future success. We've also made great strides in our collaboration with NFTIV, solidifying our scope and garnering interest from venture capitalists during a private VC pitch. Moreover, we've teamed up with Chris Wieduwilt from ACOY to bring on-chain provenance and authenticity to the music industry, starting with creator Wilczynski's music NFT. This collaboration showcases our commitment to supporting creators and protecting their intellectual property!

And on the community growth side, we've concluded the Discord Zealy Welcome Campaign with outstanding achievements, including over 1,000 participants and more than 10,000 quests completed. Your enthusiasm and engagement have been instrumental in building our community, and we're excited to continue this journey together🫶.

Besides the growth part, the dev team also has great progress this week. We've implemented an “Add Numbers IPFS Gateway Health” check, improving the user experience when accessing and retrieving data through our gateway. Additionally, we've updated our Gitbook to provide comprehensive details about digitalSourceType, enhancing transparency and clarity for our users regarding the origin and nature of digital assets on our Mainnet integrity records.

We’ve also successfully completed the 23Q2 burn and buyback process, removing a total of $6 million worth of NUM from circulation. This aligns with the decisions made by our community in the 3rd DAO meeting, and we're dedicated to creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem based on your input.

Looking ahead, we're filled with hope and excitement. The improvements in user experience and transparency will enhance engagement and trust. Our partnerships and collaborations continue to flourish, providing new opportunities for growth and innovation. With your ongoing support and the decisions made by the DAO, we're confident in our ability to drive Numbers forward and achieve even greater success in the future!

We will warp up our Q2 milestone and share the Q3 roadmap with the community in the coming week. Stay tuned on our social media to get the latest updates!

Thank you for supporting Numbers community and having faith in us. Your participation and enthusiasm motivate us to strive for excellence in Numbers🫶

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. However, our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week. May all of you have a great weekend!

Stay COOL in the hot summer😎 Sofia Co-founder of Numbers Protocol

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