01 Sep 2023

2023/9/01 Monthly Founder's Letter by Tammy


This is Tammy writing the summary letter for our amazing journey in August. Reflecting on recent milestones, it's clear that the importance of digital media provenance is gaining wider recognition in our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

A significant highlight this month was our involvement in the new Reuters project, which discussed the critical role of authenticity in digital media. This project demostrates how Numbers Protocol is at the forefront of establishing digital asset provenance. By mapping the origin, modification history, and ownership of digital media, we're taking crucial steps toward a more secure and trustworthy digital world. This feature not only validates our work but also amplifies the critical importance of provenance in the AI-driven future.

On the AI front, August has been remarkably fruitful for us. In addition to our exciting acceptance into the Alan Turing Institute's AI&Arts Group, we also launched our integration with Instill AI. This is the world's first AIxBlockchain integration, and it's something we should all be proud of. Imagine a future where Numbers Protocol serves as the foundational infrastructure for reliable digital media information, contributing to a cleaner, more trustworthy internet with greater growth opportunities.

To realize this future, we must support not only adoption in Web3 but also creating tools familiar to the existing developer community. This makes Capture Token an essential component for API and SDK access.

I hope you're as excited as I am about our achievements in August. However, I can assure you that this is just the beginning; there are much more planned for the upcoming months.

For now, let's enjoy the weekend. And if you have ERC20 NUM in your wallet, don't forget to stake them to earn rewards from the new pool.

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week.

Cheers, Tammy

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