17 May 2024

2024/05/17 Weekly Summary from Numbers Team

Hello Numbers Community,

We hope you're all doing well! Here's your weekly update with our team's latest developments and exciting news.


  • Capture Dashboard now support the upload of .HEIC file types. iPhone users, there is no more hassle to convert your file before uploading!

  • We also started a tech article series about Provenance and Numbers Protocol's service aimed for developers, the series will be updated every week.

Marketing & Community

  • In our effort to spread more awareness on Provenance, we’ve partnered with a prominent YouTube content creator. Over the next months, this collaboration will produce high quality content introducing Provenance, Capture, and Numbers Protocol to the mass! Have a look at the first video!

Business Development

  • We attended offline event hosted by Taiwan Fact Check center with the focus on uniting media professional to combat misinformation! While we're doing that, Bofu were also invited by one of our VC investor in their event to engage with several news media stakeholders.

  • We have also been receiving request for white-label service with some developers looking a provenance solution. A white-label service will be a potential growth for Numbers Ecosystem!

  • Another great potential collaboration with entities outside Taiwan, we discussed a potential partnership with MediaCorp, a prominent news media from Singapore.


  • New Mainnet Integration alert! Crypto.com will be supporting Numbers Mainnet. Our goal remains the same, to have all our partnered exchange to integrate Numbers Mainnet.

  • Thank you to everyone for your contribution during our community review on 'Revising CAPTCHA Requirements in NumbersDAO'. The topic this time would arguably be one of the most important for Numbers DAO, and has received unanimous agreement. You can find the community review recap here. We look forward to your participation in the upcoming vote.

As always, we appreciate your continued support. While the team enjoys a well-deserved break over the weekend, our dedicated moderators will be available to assist you. We'll return recharged and ready to take on new challenges next week. Thank you for being an integral part of the Numbers Community!

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