What's the difference between Numbers and C2PA

Numbers and C2PA both offer innovative solutions to the challenge of digital media provenance, each with its own unique advantages. By utilizing both approaches, you can create a more comprehensive and reliable digital media provenance system.

Numbers offers an open-source specification for securely storing metadata for digital media on the blockchain. This decentralized method ensures immutability and adaptability for a wide range of data file types. Furthermore, its Web3 foundation paves the way for enhanced asset monetization opportunities.

On the other hand, C2PA offers an open spec to store metadata within the digital media itself. As long as you have access to the correct C2PA file, you can obtain its complete history. The downside is that it can be more challenging to share this information, as details can be easily missed. Our API enables seamless integration by allowing users to upload files to the decentralized web, inject C2PA metadata, and establish blockchain provenance all at once.

Digital media provenance has long been a complex and enduring challenge, prompting the development of various solutions to address it. C2PA tackles this issue by embedding metadata directly into the file, whereas Numbers Protocol employs a Web3 strategy, establishing an open and decentralized network. Harnessing the strengths of both solutions is essential for effectively combating the digital media provenance dilemma.

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