Asset Profile

Asset Profile is the LinkedIn page of Web3 asset which shows the important information of the digital content such as

  • Creator and the initial timestamp when the digital media file is minted or registered in Web3

  • The license that the NFT buyers should respect

  • Commits tab which shows the committed history of the digital media

  • NFT tab that allows users to view NFTs minted for the content file from the supported networks. To know which blockchain is currently supported, visit Support Status of Verify Engine.

Because digital media files are indexed by their true addresses, i.e. Numbers ID (Nid or Cid) of the file, the Asset Profile page is able to provide cross-network information and is not limited to any blockchain.

"Fork" badge of duplicates

The badge shows up in the top-left corner of a displayed asset when one of the following conditions is met:

  • A very similar asset has already been registered (in most cases, the differences can't be spotted by human eyes).

  • A parentAssetCid is identified in the AssetTree, signifying that the current asset is a derivative.

This badge is clickable and will direct the user to the asset profile of the previously registered asset.

This article further explains the details behind Asset Profile pages.

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