5 July 2024

2024/7/5 Co-founder's Summary Letter from Sofia

Dear Numbers Community,

It's Sofia here, writing our first Friday of July summary letter. I hope you all are enjoying the summer so far :)!

As we look back on the first half of 2024, I'm filled with immense gratitude and excitement for the incredible journey we've embarked on together. Your passion and commitment have driven Numbers Protocol to new heights, and I’m thrilled to share our accomplishments.

Product Advancements

Your heartfelt support has led to a remarkable 54% increase in active users and an astounding 230% rise in app downloads. Each new download and user represents a person embracing our vision, contributing to our shared journey of trust and reliability in digital media. Our technology's enhanced strength is shown by a 64% increase in daily API requests, and our steady 100% Mainnet uptime reflects our commitment to continuous, dependable service.

Marketing Milestones

Your enthusiasm for our mission has helped amplify our voice globally. Our website impressions have soared by 400%, and clicks have increased by 231%, bringing more attention to our cause. We've been featured in major news outlets like Politico and AP News, reaching over 10 million impressions. These achievements, including recognition in prestigious programs like the nDX News Digital Transformation Program and the Social Impact Award from the Tech4Trust program, fill us with pride and drive us to lead with integrity.

Business Development

Our collaboration with mainstream news outlets has grown fivefold, and inbound queries have increased 3.5 times. These are not just numbers; they reflect your trust and the broader community's belief in our vision. The 112 new business development leads and 25 new partnerships are a testament to our efforts to expand our impact and commitment to ethical technology standards.

Community and Network Growth

Launching the Creative Origin Alliance has been one of our most heartfelt initiatives, aiming to pave the way for a future enriched by ethical AI. With 11 founding members joining us, we are building a solid coalition dedicated to transparency and integrity. The dynamic growth in our community, highlighted by 1.1 million impressions on Number’s X account and significant increases in on-chain NUM holders and staked NUMs, shows the vibrant and active engagement that defines our community.

Our progress in these past six months is just the beginning. As we progress, our commitment to you—our community—remains at the core of every decision and innovation. Together, we are building technology and creating a legacy of trust and integrity.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering support, belief in our vision, and being an integral part of our Numbers family. Here’s to continuing our journey with even greater enthusiasm and commitment!

Cheers, and have a lovely weekend there!

Sofia Yan Co-founder & CGO, Numbers Protocol

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