Verify Engine API

The Verify Engine API, powered by AI technology, allows developers to easily locate and retrieve the exact match or similar assets/NFTs of their input content. The API returns the content information, marketplaces, and NFT history across supported blockchains, providing a comprehensive view of the digital asset.

Step 1: Get Capture Token

Authorization to access APIs requires a valid Capture Token. If you do not already have a Capture Token yet, please follow the instruction provided to create one.

Step 2: Search Assets

Follow the instruction to use Asset Search API or check the sample call below:

Sample API call:

curl -F "file=@/tmp/MYFILE.png" \
     -H "Authorization: token YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN" \

Sample response:

  "preciseSearch": "",
  "similarSearch": {
    "nids": [
    "distance": [
  "orderID": "24aa0d37-0fa5-4613-b5fe-af1e6b2e14a9"

If the preciseSearch shows empty, meaning the asset has not yet been registered before. In general, a distance less than 0.12 means that AI model identified the images are really similar. If the distance between the result nid and your original asset is less than 0.12, it is very likely they are the same assets but one being modified slightly.

Step 3: Get NFT Details

Get NFT tokens associated with the asset.

Sample API Call

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
            -H "Authorization: token YOUR_CAPTURE_TOKEN" \

Sample Response

See this page for the sample response.

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