24 Mar 2023

2023/3/24 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team


  • We have successfully submitted our Capture App's latest release, 0.75.2, to the App Store and passed the review process. This update includes the addition of a FAQ page, providing users with easy access to answers for commonly asked questions. Additionally, we have swapped the positions of the explore and MyCapture tabs, enhancing the user experience and making it more intuitive to navigate through the app.


  • In our recent article, we provided a detailed explanation of the reasons why we chose to list NUM on Crypto.com. We are thrilled to announce that NUM is now listed on Crypto.com, which marks a significant milestone in our efforts to expand the NUM ecosystem and make it more accessible to a wider audience. By partnering with Crypto.com, we aim to provide NUM holders with a safe and user-friendly experience, while ensuring the highest levels of security through the platform's regulatory approvals, certifications, and Proof of Reserves feature. We appreciate the continued support of our NUM holders and community and hope that our article sheds light on the decision-making process behind every major decision. For more information, please check out the article on our website: https://www.numbersprotocol.io/blog/crypto-com

  • In addition, we recently held a Twitter Space with ACOY to discuss the topic of Provenance & Authenticity in the Digital Music Era. The Founder of ACOY, Chris Wieduwilt, and the artist Fifi Rong shared their journey into Web3 and highlighted the issue of Music Piracy and Copyright infringement. As part of our efforts to make digital media traceable and verifiable through innovative processes, we are doing a Proof of Concept to authenticate the first Music NFT on our platform in March. The launch artist will be Wilczynski, a talented LoFi artist from Baden, Germany. This further emphasizes our core as an asset-centric protocol, demonstrating that our capacity is not limited to images but can extend to any other kinds of digital files. If you missed the Twitter Space, we welcome you to catch up here: https://twitter.com/numbersprotocol/status/1638903455925567490


  • This week, the NunbersDAO made significant updates to the project. During the DAO meeting, it was agreed to change the NUM burning mechanism to numbers of mainnet transaction. This decision reflects the collaborative spirit of the project and is based on valuable community feedback. The change will provide greater flexibility and scalability for the deflationary token and asset economy plan. Additionally, a new BEP staking pool was launched, reminding users to claim rewards from the previous one.

Business Development:

  • We are pleased to share our new ecosystem partner ACOY join force with Numbers together on helping music artists and record labels with content provenance and authenticity. This partnership will empower music artists to take control of their digital assets and protect their fans, setting a new standard for trust and authenticity in the digital media landscape. Also, Numbers and POX.ME had a very productive discussion about adopting Numbers service into POX.ME. Numbers service would help POX.ME to build and manage users’ identities in Web3 world.


  • We recently held our 3rd DAO meeting, which included a productive voting session. We were delighted to see a healthy and robust discussion among community members, where all viewpoints were well-respected. It was encouraging to witness the diverse perspectives and constructive feedback shared during the session.

  • Additionally, based on feedback received from many army ambassadors during our last community fireside chat expressing their desire for promotion to Soldier, we have taken action to initiate an Ambassador Promotion System. The new guidelines and criteria are still under review, and we will share them with the community once they are ready. We believe that establishing this system will build a more solid and healthier Numbers Community in the long term. Stay tuned for more updates!

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